About MM Research, Inc.

MM Research, Inc. has been providing simulation software and consulting services to the Optics industry since 1992. We specialize in analytical and numerical analysis of physical optics problems; these include:

  • Propagation of laser beams in free space and through homogeneous media
  • Interaction of light with isotropic, birefringent, and optically active materials
  • Scalar and vector diffraction
  • Reflection, absorption, and transmission of coherent beams from multilayer structures
  • Diffraction of light from gratings and other patterned surfaces
  • Ellipsometry and polarimetry
  • Optics of uniaxial and biaxial crystals
  • Optics of high-numerical-aperture systems
  • Coherent and incoherent imaging systems
  • Electro-optical and magneto-optical effects and sensors
  • Optical microscopy (phase-contrast, polarized-light, Nomarsky, scanning, ...)
  • Electron microscopy (Fresnel, Foucault, differential phase-contrast, ...)
  • Polarization-sensing in optical systems
  • Wavefront analysis and interferometry
  • Optical disk data storage (compact disk, digital video disk, CD-Recordable, write-once-read-many, magneto-optical, phase-change erasable, ...)
  • Thermal aspects of laser beam interaction with matter
  • Photodetection and noise analysis (shot noise, thermal noise, avalanche noise, ...)

MM Research, Inc. strives to bring the latest developments in the fields of physical optics and numerical analysis to bear on the work of engineers/scientists involved in industrial/academic research and development. Our software packages have helped many students of optics and designers of optical systems to understand, analyze, and optimize diverse optical systems.

DIFFRACT is developed by Professor M. Mansuripur of the Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona. Details of the numerical and analytical techniques used in this program as well as several application examples may be found in the following publications.

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