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DIFFRACT interferograms showing several
third order (Seidel) aberrations of a beam.


DIFFRACT is a powerful software package that helps you simulate coherent beams of light as they propagate through an optical system. Many general-purpose features of DIFFRACT enable you to analyze and study diverse optical systems. DIFFRACT empowers you to accurately tolerance your optical design by stepping through a set of adjustments for any part of the system and allowing you to inspect the resulting optical patterns at various cross-sections of the beam. Using DIFFRACT you can:

  • Completely and accurately analyze your optical system.
  • Fully keep track of polarization, inspecting the amplitude, phase, and polarization state of the beam at various stages throughout the system.
  • Tolerance your optical system � from source to detectors � including: lasers, lenses, mirrors, polarization optics, diffraction gratings, prisms, apertures, phase/amplitude masks, multilayer stacks, detectors, and more.
  • Study some of the most fascinating phenomena of classical optics such as: the Talbot effect, optics of biaxially birefringent crystals, surface plasmon excitation, magneto-optical Faraday and Kerr effects, the principle of holography, evanescent coupling through frustrated/attenuated total internal reflection, self-focusing and filamentation in non-linear media, electromagnetic confinement in resonant cavities, the phenomena of internal and external conical refraction, the Goos-Hänchen effect, and many more.

This Web site is designed to convey to the reader the strength of the program, and to showcase some of the problems that can be addressed with DIFFRACT. We hope that this brief introduction will excite you and encourage you to join the growing list of our customers.


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