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If you are interested in receiving a demo copy of DIFFRACT and more information about DIFFRACT's pricing, please complete the following questionaire and send it to us



Your Name :

Your Position : Company :

Address :

Telephone :

Fax :

Email :

1. You like the functionality provided by DIFFRACT because you primarily do:(please check all that apply):

Design Analysis Tolerancing

2. How Often do you anticipate using DIFFRACT:

Once a year 5 times/year 20 times/year

3. What other optical analysis/design/simulation software do you use?

CodeV Super Oslo Zemax Optica

4. Specify the type of optical system R & D in which you are presently involved:

Fiber Optics Non-linear Systems Integrated Optical Systems
Components Optical Data Storage Hybrid Systems

5. In selecting a software package for optical system simulation, what are the important factors in your considerations [rank 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest)]:

Price Service and Support Updates
Flexibility Speed and Performance Ease of Use

6. What is your preferred mode of licensing of such utility software?

Purchase Yearly individual lease license Site license

7. In your facility, how many engineers/scientists can benefit from DIFFRACT?

You only 1-3 3-10 More than 10

8. What type of computer/operating system do you use for analysis/design and simulation?

PC (DOS) PC (Windows) PC (O/S2)
MacIntosh Unix Workstation Others

9. Which optical phenomena are you mostly interested in to investigate using DIFFRACT? (please check all that apply)

Optics of Birefringent Crystals Beam Propagation
Magneto-optical Effects Coherent Imaging
Vector Diffraction Effects Others

10. Please describe what you plan to achieve using DIFFRACT:

11. In the space provided below please include any comments you may have about DIFFRACT, your needs and your work, or about our questionnaire:


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