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Quotes from our Customers

"We found the program invaluable in a study of a subtle tracking sensitivity. DIFFRACT is a valuable tool for the optical head designer, just as a good lens design program is invaluable to the lens designer."

Dr. David B. Kay,
Research Associate, Eastman Kodak  

"Diffract is easy to learn, simple enough to use, yet powerful and flexible enough to simulate very complex optical and opto-electromechanical systems. I believe Diffract is a valuable tool in optical product development, and I would strongly recommend the program to other colleagues."

Dr. Tariq Shafaat,
Calimetrics Corp

"DIFFRACT has helped me find solutions to many of the problems I encountered in the development of our optical disk pick-up system. It is an excellent tool for analyzing various diffraction phenomena, providing answers which agree with my experimental results whenever such comparisons between theory and experiment are feasible. "

Song-Chan Park, Optical Research Scientist
LG Electronics, Inc., (formerly GoldStar)

"Five years of experience using evolving development versions of DIFFRACT for optical storage analysis, has convinced me of its versatility and accuracy. It handles virtually any situation involving propagation of light through an optical system from source to detector, including interaction with a wide variety of elements. The computational implementation has been carefully tailored to provide a pleasing tradeoff among rigor, accuracy, and throughput. DIFFRACT has a proven record in broad areas of engineering design and applied scientific investigation."

Terry McDaniel, Senior Physicist,
IBM Storage Systems Division, San Jose, CA


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