A Finite_Difference_Time_Domain (FDTD) Simulator


A Finite_Difference_Time_Domain (FDTD) Simulator

This simulation package, which implements the FDTD algorithm on a nonuniform mesh, is designed to run as a stand-alone program as well as in conjunction with DIFFRACT. The interface with DIFFRACT makes it specially powerful for simulations that involve near-field interactions with subwavelength structures as well as propagation through complex optical systems. For example, in Optical Data Storage applications, Sim3D_Max enables the user to move beyond the limitations of DIFFRACT in resolving reflection from, or transmission through, nano-scale size objects such as grooves, pits, and bumps on an optical disk surface. Sim3D_Max can take as its input the vector field generated by DIFFRACT (fully propagated from the laser diode to the surface of the optical disk), and returns to DIFFRACT the back-reflected beam for further propagation in the return path, all the way to the photodetectors.

Sim3D_Max is a computationally intensive code that can run in parallel under Windows on a PC cluster. The user needs to download and install the Message Passing Interface (MPI) parallel software to take advantage of this feature. The powerful interface to DIFFRACT notwithstanding, Sim3D_Max is a stand-alone simulation package, complete with its own integrated Graphical User Interface (GUI). All graphical and analysis functionality is carried out within this GUI environment. For examples of simulations by Sim3D_Max, please see on-line publications "Interaction of Light with Subwavelength Structures," and "Transmission of Light Through Small Elliptical Apertures, Parts 1 and 2."

The complete Sim3D_Max package includes a CD-ROM, comprehensive manual, USB hardkey, and six weeks of free consulting and support services. For more information on Sim3D_Max please visit Nonlinear Control Strategies, Inc.'s website at www.nlcstr.com.


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