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Diffraction of Focused Beam from Tilted Grating

Gratings are used in many optical systems such as beam-splitters, beam-combiners, spectral analyzers, scanners, etc. As the following example shows, DIFFRACT allows you to analyze (to a first order of approximation) the effects of gratings on the incident beam, and provides you with the distributions of intensity, phase, and polarization for the various diffracted orders.

(left) Intensity distribution in the XY-plane at z = f - d1 in the absence of the grating, and (right) logarithmic plot of intensity distribution at the focal plane of the lens, showing -1st, 0th, and +1st diffraction orders.

Use DIFFRACT to place phase/amplitude diffraction gratings in the optical path, tilt and rotate the grating by arbitrary amounts, and observe diffracted orders as they emerge from the grating.

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